TC 8.0.5 and issue with SVN subrepos with Mercurial

I upgraded to TC 8.0.5 today and everythin seemed to go fine until I tried to actually do a build. My setup is a not very complicated but there are a couple of svn subrepos. My .hgsub looks like this:

vendor/boost/boost-svn = [svn]
vendor/googletest/googletest-svn = [svn]

Previously, this worked fine. Today, however, I get this message:

Failed to build patch for build #578 {build id=1652}, VCS root: "vcs-root" {instance id=7, parent internal id=5, parent id=vcs_root, description: "mercurial: ssh://hg@hghost/project"}, due to error: 'hg --config ui.interactive=False clone --pull -U [svn] hg_8312069480279456015' command failed.

Why on earth is TeamCity trying to use hg to do a SVN checkout? Is there some setting that didn't translate over?
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Sigh... I have no idea why but it's working now. Maybe it was a hiccup on sourceforge.


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