TeamCity Windows tray notifier popup not opening

Hello All,

At our company, we use TeamCity as a buildserver.
All of our developers have the "Windows tray notifier" tool installed to get notifications of build faillures.

Logging in, status changes (green - red), popup notifications, .. all work.
But when double clicking the tray notifier icon, a popup should appear showing the status of all builds.
However, when doing this, nothing happens.

Any idea what could be wrong?

We use TeamCity 8.0.5, this behavior happens on both windows 7 (x64) & windows 8 (x64) clients.
We have tried re-installing the Tray Notifier multiple times without any luck.

Thanks for your time,

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This issue is related to a multi-monitor setup:

When working on a multi-monitor setup, open the TeamCity Windows tray notifier on the second screen.
If you switch back to a single-monitor setup then, the TeamCity Windows tray notifier won't open

(I'm guessing it's trying to open on a location on the second monitor which is not there).




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