Enhancement Request: Don't rebuild if version exists in artifacts

If a dependency build requires a particular version, and that version still exists in the artifact directory, don't run specified steps.

Usage scenario: When deploying a particular build into production, best practice is to promote the compiled code that's running on test server, not rebuild then deploy. So in this scenario, I don't want to get code from VCS, I don't want to build, run unit tests, etc. if the build exists in the artifact directory. Just grab the artifacts and deploy. If the artifacts don't exist, then a build and test are run.

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You can already do this with promote feature available as a part of snapshot dependencies. Sample configuration:

You setup a trigger on DeployTest. Then, when you realize that a certain build is okay, you go to this build page in Deploy test and choose Actions->Promote and choose build configuration DeployProd

Of course, you can/need to have artifact dependencies along with snapshot dependencies.


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