Slow ivy retrieve

Using ivy to retrieve artifacts (jar files) from a local nexus repository server:

[15:21:14][ivy:retrieve] found org.apache.maven.scm#maven-scm-api;1.4 in public

[15:23:23][ivy:retrieve] found org.codehaus.plexus#plexus-utils;1.5.6 in public

[15:27:34][ivy:retrieve] found org.apache.maven.scm#maven-scm-provider-svnexe;1.4 in public

[15:28:58][ivy:retrieve] found regexp#regexp;1.3 in public

[15:30:25][ivy:retrieve] found commons-jxpath#commons-jxpath;1.3 in public

[15:33:13][ivy:retrieve] found xml-resolver#xml-resolver;1.2 in public

[15:34:41][ivy:retrieve] found commons-digester#commons-digester;2.1 in public

[15:36:01][ivy:retrieve] found log4j#log4j;1.2.12 in public

[15:37:26][ivy:retrieve] found org.hibernate#hibernate; in public

[15:38:51][ivy:retrieve] found net.sf.ehcache#ehcache;1.2.3 in public

[15:40:11][ivy:retrieve] found asm#asm-attrs;1.5.3 in public

[15:40:11][ivy:retrieve] found dom4j#dom4j;1.6.1 in default

[15:40:11][ivy:retrieve] found antlr#antlr;2.7.6 in default

As you can see, it takes almost 1 to 2 mintues to downloa a jar file from the server. It is extermely slow!~~~~~

Teamcity server, agent and the nexus repository server are all located in the same server (Windows 2008, java 1.7).

Downloading the jar files from the local IE, another PC and even another Teamcity server has no problem. Is it not recommend to put the repository server in the same machine?
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I don't think it's TC related. There should be no difference in downloading artifacts this way.

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We solved the problem by starting the nexus repository server using windows service instead of console.

Thanks all!


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