VCS labelling

Let's assume a chain of builds with snapshot dependencies, for instance
Build <- Test <- Deploy

After labelling the VCS roots in "Deploy", the labels (git tags in my case) are displayed in the "Changes" tab of the deploy run, but not in the test or build runs.
Is there any way to change this behaviour ? Is it a bug ?

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No, it is not a bug. It works as designed. Changes tab does not show all labels of used sources, just labels which were applied to sources of a particular build after it.
Different build configurations can have different VCS roots, so it is not clear what to display in this case.

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Hi Alina,

thanks for the reply. In the situation I mentioned, it's an unfortunate choice, because when I look at the "Build" or "Test" runs, the question whether the version has been deployed and with which label is very important. If I can't see this in "Build" or "Test", I have to navigate through the dependendies, and go to the "Changes" tab of the corresponding "Deploy" run, which is very inconvenient.

I am not sure why having different VCS roots in the chain is a problem. TeamCity could show the labels for the appropriate (e.g. common) roots only.

I see different levels of support:
(1) show the labels only in the runs where they have been set
(2) like (1), but also in all runs in the snapshot chain. The origin of the label (e.g. current run or through dependencies) could be indicated with an icon or otherwise
(3) use the real VCS labels as information source, not TC's labelling protocol. This would improve the consistency and integration between TC and the VCS tremendously. It would work very well for Git, but might be harder for some other VCS though. It would be necessary also to differenciate between labels created by TC and the others.

My initial and current request is (2), but (3) sounds like a useful feature too.

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Hi Olivier,

Thank you for provided description. I have created a feature request, please watch/vote for it.


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