How to stop clean-up when the Stop button is not displayed anymore


I've manually triggered the clean-up task after adjusting the clean-up policies (hundreds of GB to clean). The clean-up has been well progressing for about four hours. But then, for some hours it did not progress anymore with the following screen, always at 66.7%:

The server is performing clean-up at the moment. It may take from several minutes to several hours depending on the size of the database.

Elapsed time: 7h:39m (66.7% builds processed)

Current stage: Executing global cleaner: TestNamesCleaner

This page will be reloaded automatically when the clean-up process is completed.

I used to see the Stop button in the beginning on this screen, but now I do not see it anymore (all I can see is what I have listed above). Is there still a way to stop the clean-up?

Can it really be that the TestNamesCleaner runs for several hours (probably already for three hours by now)?

Thanks for any help and regards, Etienne



The button is shown to administrators only (those who have permissions to start cleanup and change cleanup settings).
You can restart server but before it please take several thread dumps from server using jstack. Also please attach teamcity-server.log file and note which version of TeamCity do you use.

Thanks for your reply, Alina. The problem I had was that I did trigger the clean-up myself (with Admin rights) but after some UI refreshs several hours later while the clean-up was still running, the Stop button 'suddenly' did not show up anymore. Next time, I will follow the thread-dump procedure as you suggested.

Regards, Etienne


Regarding disappeared stop button, it looks like log out happened when your session had expired. Have you checked "remember me" option on login page?
Also we have a related feature request, please watch/vote for it.


Thanks for the hint. Maybe I was indeed logged out.


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