Disable upgrade check

We are trying to install TeamCity within an environment with no outside network access.  Is there a way to disable the check for updates?

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Why do you want do disable checks for updates? If TeamCity has no Internet access it won’t affect it's functionality.

Since 8.0: you can change internal property teamcity.updateCheck.interval.seconds (default is 7200).

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Our main reason for wanting to disable the checks is that our firewall administrators like to get after us when we try to make HTTP or HTTPS connections to outside websites.  The request still gets blocked (and there is no issue as far as TeamCity is concerned) - we just want to disable the checks so that we don't get yelled at by our sysadmins. :)

I can just bump up the check timeout...that will be enough.

Is there a documented list of available internal properties?



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No, we do not have a public list of the internal properties. You can find some of them in this section and in other doc sections.
Most of internal properties are used for debug purposes and it is not recommended to change them.


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