Reuse BuildAgent license after moving agent from linux to windows


we're running TeamCity Enterprise with a limit of 3 BuildAgents. We had three agents running on linux.
Now we want to move one of the BuildAgents from a linux to a windows host.

So I've installed an agent on the windows host and I can see it in the TeamCity Admin UI as "unauthorized". But because of the license limit I'm not able to authorize this agent.
I stopped one of the linux agents, but how can I remove this agent from TC to free it's license? I found the post in saying that agents disappear after a week, but we do not have the time to wait for e week.


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Can you click the "unauthorize agent" button on the Agent Summary page?

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Oh man thanks a lot! There was the big fat "remove" button, but I was to blind to see it.
This one was really too easy.


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