How to exclude one subdirectory from Swabra?

I have following directory structure in my checkout dir:

I would like to enable Swabra only for test1/bin.
When I put '-:test1/packages' in 'Paths to monitor', it still deletes it because 'test1' is still included:

[13:43:00][Swabra] Detected new and deleted D:\TeamcityAgent\work\31abbe857cdf3d57\test1\bin
[13:43:00][Swabra] Detected new and deleted D:\TeamcityAgent\work\31abbe857cdf3d57\test1

When I put '-:test1' and '+:test1/bin' it works, but I would prefer to write exclusion rules instead of inclusion rules (I have many subdirectories with dynamic names to include and one static subdirectory to exclude).

Is it possible to include everything but one subdirectory?

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Hi Marcin,

It works like this "by design". The test1 folder will be deleted because it's a new folder and it's monitored by Swabra. If you have a lot of folders with dynamic names then please use wildcards. Feel free to create new feature request in our tracker.

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Thank you Alina. I don't think wildcards will help in this case, as there is no wildcard syntax for exclusions (please correct me if I'm wrong), so I have no way to say 'include everything below test1 apart from bin'. I'll consider a new feature request or extending it myself.

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Marcin, I mean wildcard for inclusion rules -  to include folder with dynamic names, for example like this
or probably you can create different directories structure.


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