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Hi There,

I have strange prolem with one of my builds, which I hope someone can give me some inside on:

I have set up a number of what I call release buids which are used to prepare our software for release.  A release build consists of two TC builds, one that builds the binaries and runs a number of tests on them and a second TC build that picks up the output of the first TC build and creates the final windows install package. There are two conditions for this to work: the builds must happen on the same agent and the checkout must be to the working folder.  Now this has worked fine in 29 out of 30 setups - I just left the checkout folder to auto and required the builds to run on the same agent.  However in number 30 despite my setting it up the same way, if fails and when I examined the output I found that while it was running on the same agent it was using different output folders (  Any idea of why this happens or if there is something I can do to fix it?



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Hi James,

"Run build on the same agent" option means that dependent build will run on the same agent, but not necessarily in the same checkout directory.

The name of the default, automatically created directory is generated as follows: <Agent Work Directory>/<VCS settings hash code>. The VCS settings hash code is calculated based on the set of VCS roots, their checkout rules and VCS settings used by the build configuration (checkout mode). Effectively, this means that the directory is shared between all the build configurations with the same VCS settings.

You can use custom checkout directory instead of default, but it is not recommended. The recommended way is to configure artifact dependency. In this case you do not have to use "Run build on the same agent" option.


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