integration git-stash teamcity via push

We are using Atlassian Git Stash version 3.2.x and TeamCity 8.0.x

Due to performance concerns, we would like Atlassian Stash to trigger the builds in TeamCity.

We are trying the plugin in stash.

When we use the plugin, TeamCity becomes aware of pending changes.

We found out that the branch filter in the VCS trigger of the build configuration must specify the branches that we want to build.

I do not manage to get this push system to work in the case of a merge to "develop" done via the Stash web interface (pull request).

Thanks in advance for your time,


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Hi Antoine,

Do I correctly understand that the problem is that you can see pending changes in TeamCity, but build does not start? If yes, then please attach:

  • screenshot of VCS root settings
  • screenshot of VCS trigger settings
  • screenshot of pending changes screenshots depicting that the build should be triggered, but is not (build configuration overview with "Show canceled and failed to start builds" option ON; pending changes)
  • teamcity-vcs.log

If the problem is with mentioned third-party plugin then please contact the plugin developer.

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Thanks Alina.

I had a remaining problem to get merge checkins done from the stash web interface to also kick off builds in TeamCity. The issue was in the configuration of the TeamCityTriggerHook, one has to enter .*develop in the field for regular expression to detect custom branches.
So now I am fine and I am able to get TeamCity to start builds immediately (in practice some 2 or 3 seconds) after pushes happen in stash, and this with a polling interval in the version control root set to an arbitrary high number, for instance 300,000 seconds.


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