Does TeamCity support Git Subtree?


I currently use TeamCity 7.0.2 (build 21349), running in professional mode as my continous integration tool.  However, I have to add a new project to TeamCity which is in Git.  This new project uses Git Subtree (subtree is a bit different from submodule).  Does TeamCity support Git Subtree and if so please can you tell me how to setup the Version Control Settings in TeamCity so I can get the continous integration to run?

From Git these are the commands I use to clone the repo and pull the repo and its subtree locally:

1. clone the remote repo:

     git clone git@gitservername:custom.git

     git clone git@gitservername:core.git 

2. pull the code

     git pull (pulls latest custom)

     git subtree pull --prefix=core git@gitservername:core master --squash(pulls the latest core inside dong )

Please can you help?


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Hi Lee,

No, at the moment TeamCity  does not support Git subtrees, however it supports Git submodules.
Please feel free to create a feature request in our tracker.


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