Agent co directory being removed when build starts

Have been seeing numerous builds fail due to what appears to be removal of the checkout directory BEFORE compile and other steps are executed.

I may see a message "pom.xml" not a valid file/doesn't exist (cause srcs were deleted), or "no source to compile".

I get following message "[WARNING] JAR will be empty - no content was marked for inclusion!" and server sources step shows:

[10:10:34][Updating sources] Will perform clean checkout
[10:10:34][Updating sources] Clean checkout reasons
[10:10:34][Updating sources] Transferring cached clean patch for VCS root: teachscape-sso
[10:10:34][Updating sources] Repository sources transferred: 3.11 MB total
[10:10:34][Updating sources] Removing /home/teach/BuildAgent/work/412e0ee945a1c4fc
[10:10:34][Updating sources] Updating /home/teach/BuildAgent/work/412e0ee945a1c4fc

Shouldn't repository contents be transferred AFTER removal of work directory?

I have also seen my scripts fail executing "pwd" because directory was yanked.
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Noticed some small glyphs at the top of some of the ui html pages saying there were build inconsistencies.

When I applied same setting (build on changes) to all builds the filesystem corruption went away.

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Hi Mike,

What type of build inconsistencies were mentioned in this glyphs? What settings helped to solve the problem?


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