Maximum number of VCS roots?


I'm trying out TeamCity working with TFVC. Because worskpace mapping is not supported, I need to create multiple VCS roots per build plan (for each mapped folder, otherwise I would have change logs for all of them).
Because branch detection is not supported as well , if I want to create branch build I need to copy the plan and change roots to point to the right branch. This makes me worried about performance drawbacks of such an operation, because I can end up with many, many VCS roots. Is there any maximum number? What are the potential drawbacks?

(I have around 40 components, assuming I have on average 3 vcs roots per each gives me 120, each branch costs me 120 extra because all chain is branched together. So I can easily end up with > 1K VCS roots to monitor)

Thank you for the answers :)

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We are not aware of any limit for the number of VCS roots. The server load depends on number of VCS roots as well as checking for changes interval for the VCS roots. For example in JetBrains TeamCity instance we have 250 VCS roots (mainly Git, Hg, Perforce and Subversion using agent-side checkout), average checking for changes interval is 180 seconds. Please find more examples in the related section in the online documentation.

We have the related feature request to support TFS branches: Please vote for it.



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