Updating Previous Build Config with new Build Number

We have a Project with three build configurations:

  • Build A:  Compiles latest tip of our Production branch.
  • Build B:  Create internal deployment package and deploys it to our alpha server.  Triggered by Build A.
  • Build C:  Executes unit tests solution against our alpha server.  Triggered by Build B.

In Build B is where we get a real version number and we would like to historically update Build A.  Build C is issuing a web query to our alpha server to get the correct build number, which works now but is very fragile.

We would like Build B to historically update the build number in Build A and in the next Build C.  I believe both are doable but am unable to figure out exactly how.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You can use dep.<btID>.<property name> and reverse.dep.<btID>.<property name> parameters to specify the build number for builds in a build chain.
Please note that the

parameters are processed on queuing of the build where the parameters are defined. As the parameter's values should be known at that stage, they can only be defined either as build configuration parameters or in the custom build dialog. Setting the parameter during the build has no effect. It is not possible to change build number of the finished build A.

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