Error Pushing tags back to Mercurial Repository (Kiln)

Iam just testing out Team City and am having problems with pushing a tag made in the repository back to the VCS host. We are using a Kiln Mercurial repository from Fog Bugz. The way that they work is to only have one branch in the repository. If you branch features , you actually create a new repository (
So, our repository only has the "default" branch in it. We are currently pulling changes down and using the "VCS Labelling" build feature. This tags the TeamCity repo correctly and I can see it in the Change Log for the build. We also use the "Automatic Merge" feature with  the default branch, which as I understand will push the changes (i.e. the tag applied) back. After a bit of digging around I found that there is an error when it tries to label the Kiln repo. I can't work out what the issue is. This is the error :

Failed:  Failed to set label 'NxServer-': 'hg --config  ui.interactive=False push --config* --config --config****** --config  " https" https://****

It seems to be an authorisation problem, but I can't see what. It pulls the changes down from the central repository OK and if I run the 'Test Connection' on the VCS root, it says it is successful.
The TeamCity user for Mercurial is set up in Kiln as an Admin for the repsoitory , which has access to everything.
Any ideas ??!
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Please try to run the same command on agent via console under the same user that the agent is running. What is the result?
If it runs succesfully via console, but still fails in TeamCity, then please attach teamcity-vcs.log in debug mode and point out what TeamCity version is used.

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We are running TeamCity Professional 9.1.3 (build 37176)
Replacing the ***** with the actual password works fine when running the command via the cmd window.
Where can I send the VCS output log to ? I don't really want to attach it to this post.
Thanks for your time

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Hi Ibis,

Sorry for delay. You can use our FTP or online form.

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Hi Alina,
Thanks for the reply. We had an issue with our VM that TeamCity was running on, and had  roll it back. I need to do a bit of investigation as to what changed in the settings in the newer version, but now on the rolled back version it is tagging and pushing OK. It seems to be related to the fact that I copied a project settings for a new project and then changed the details.


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