Upgrade from TeamCity 7.1.4 (build 24331) to TeamCity 9.x.x


I am brand new to this software, I do not use it, but we have a client that does and they need it upgraded to the lastest version. We have purchased the licens upgrade, so all eyes are on me.

Can I upgrade it directly from 7 to 9 and expect it to work? or is this a bigger operation?

I have been looking for clues, but it does not seem like there is much information on this subject.

Looking forward to your replies and suggestions :)

Best regards

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No one that can give a clue to this?

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Hi Bjarne,

Sorry for delay in replying.

TeamCity supports upgrades from any of the previous versions to the current one. So you can upgrade from 7.1.4 to 9.x.x directly.
The recommended approach is to upgrade test server before performing an upgrade of production one. Please find the detailed instructions here.
Before the upgrade please ensure that you create a backup of TeamCity server and review the Upgrade Notes. Then perform the Upgrade as described in this section.

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