Better view in change log

We are using teamcity with two builds :

  • One in the working branch :      compile and run unit tests
  • One in the stable branch :      compile and deploy the source. Each build generate a deployement with the      version equal to the buildnumber.

We are using the changelog tab of the project to know the release note. From the changelog is it possible to see the buildnumber so we can match a deployment to a set of change. If it is not possible how can i generate release note or match the build run to changeset between two vcs as the changelog can display.

Is there a teamcity plugin to help visualize changes/builds for non developpers ?


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On build configuration change log page there is an option to show builds. Did you see / try it?

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thanks for your repy. show build in change log is only accessible at a build level and not at a project level (which contain two builds). i am searching for a way to see my both branches and associate builds in the same ui.


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