Schedule Trigger in case of VCS changes OR watched build changes


we have a build configuration A with one VCS root and an artifact dependency on build configuration B. Once a day we would like it to trigger A IF there were VCS changes in A OR if there was a new successful build B since last build A.

We tried adding a Schedule Trigger and enabled "Trigger only if there are pending changes" and "Trigger only if watched build changes". Apparently this trigger fires only if both conditions are met.
Then we tried adding two scheduled triggers, one for each condition. But even with a difference of 5 minutes this triggered two builds of A. Unfortunately our build A takes about 3 hours, so this is not really an option for us.

Is there a way to model this with the existing triggers?

We use TeamCity 9.1.4.

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So if both conditions are true, you'd like to trigger build only once and this is why two triggers do not work for you, is it correct?

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Yes, we would like to have only one build if both conditions are true because our build contains tests which require quite some time and very limited resources.

As a workaround we removed schedule triggers and added a VCS trigger and a Finish Build Trigger. The build is queued immediately now if one of the conditions is met and we start/stop the agent depending on resource availability. I guess we would have done this anyway... so for us this is kind of solved. Thanks anyway, TeamCity is awesome.


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