Problems getting a hold of artifacts from a build

I'm trying to access the artifacts from a build (in this case, code coverage data) from a custom notificator. While the build definitely has the artifacts in the end, it doesn't seem like either sBuild.getDownloadedArtifacts() or sBuild.getProvidedArtifacts() have values at the time of any of the notificator events--I'm assuming because the build is just finished and hasn't yet downloaded artifacts, or something along those lines. Any suggestions on how to proceed with this problem?


Methods getDownloadedArtifacts() and getProvidedArtifacts() are for artifact dependencies. If build depends by artifacts on other builds first method will provide details about artifacts downloaded by the build. While second method provides details about artifacts of the build downloaded by other builds.

If you simply need to get access to artifacts published by the build itself use SBuild::getArtifactsDirectory(). Note that when you access build artifacts you should use jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.artifacts.ArtifactsGuard (Spring bean) and lock artifacts while you are working with them.


Thanks, works well with that.


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