Customized Overview Page

Been kicking around for along time creating a customized overview page.  (http://server/overview.html)

I find the current one less then useful for most consumers of our server (who are just looking for very specific build results).  And plan on replacing it with something that has more "tips/tricks" section, coupled with a few direct links to lastSuccessful builds of the most common things people are looking for.

It would also aleviate one of the major complaints of "slowness" of the server, when the first thing a user sees when they login for the first time is a completely overwhelming (and incredibly slow), page that list projects they don't care about.

So, two requests:

1) What you would put on the page?

2) Anyone at jetbrains have a few pointers on how to easily change the overview page, but still leave the current one accessable?

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You can't overwrite overview page, but you can attach a plugin to the headers of all of the pages and detect (with help of JavaScript) when overview page is opened (overview.html in location bar), then JavaScript can redirect browser to your custom page.

I would recommend to take a look at existing plugins, like Cradiator or Team Piazza:

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@Pavel-Sher How do you attach the plugin to the headers? I couldn't see that in the admin pages.


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