Safe to build your own version of xml-test-reporting plugin?


We've added some custom parsers to the xml-reporting plugin, is the version available in the Faradi-7.0.x branch always up to date with what is shipped with the offical (and EAP?) builds of teamcity?


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Hi Johan,

Yes, we use the Subversion server as a primary source for the plugin's sources.

The version shipped with TeamCity 7.0.x is built from
The version to be shipped with TeamCity 7.1 (and currently available with EAP builds) is built off

Just out of curiosity: what kind of parser did you add? If can be generally valuable, do you have any plans to share it with other TeamCity users?

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That's great, thanks!

It's actually a very basic hack to allow me to import inspections for various small tools and linters that are not smart enough to easily support different output formats.

I build an xml header that contains information how to parse it, ie, a couple of regexps for extracting filenames/line numbers/warning severity/message, then I just dump all the content in a <data>. The correct solution would be to hack up individual plugins to support the parsing of these formats, but it was just so much easier to just hook into the xml plugin as all boilerplate was already in place.

We're not running it in production yet, but once we are, I'll put it on some github page or similar.


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Thank you for the description. Will look forward to seeing your plugin available!

BTW, I've created a feature request to let extend XML report plugin rather then patch it.


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