How to run a custom build from the API

Hi, is it possible to run a build with custom options (like in the custom run dialog) from the API? I only see the addToQueue methods on SBuildType although TC supports doing that from http.


Sorry for delay. There is no Open API for custom builds at this time. If you really need it, you can try to do the following:
// obtain BuildPromotion object from the build configuration
BuildPromotionEx promo = ((BuildTypeEx)buildType).createBuildPromotion();
// use setUserBuildParameters() to set custom parameters to build promotion (note you cannot remove parameters, just override them and add new)
// use setCustomArtifactDependencies() if you need to override artifact deps

promo.setBuildComment(user, comment); // this sets comment to the build

// after that you can add promotion to the queue
promo.addToQueue("my custom build");

If you want to build on a specific change, this may not be easy because revisions need to be calculated properly.


Hi Pavel,

thanks for the pointer. So far I had found the CustomBuildHelperImpl class which lets you add a build to the queue, which is not documented btw.


I am trying to do a similar thing - pass parameters to a build from a custom Build Trigger plugin.

I can't seem to find BuildPromotionEx or BuildTypeEx -- which modules are these imported from?

Many thanks,




You will need to add <TeamCity server home>\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lib\server.jar as a library of your plugin project.
BTW, I filed a request to add a way to put builds into the queue into open API.


Hi Yeggor,

That's great! I have this working now, so I am very happy :-)




Hi guys,

I'm trying to do something similar, but I also need to mark the build as a 'personal build', any ideas how to do this?

(I'm doing the above solution and it works fine, but I haven't found a way to set it as personal)


Found it, works by doing:
BuildPromotionEx promo = ((BuildTypeEx)bt).createPersonalBuildType(getUser(httpServletRequest)).createBuildPromotion();


Hopefully, we'll have a better API in 7.0 version.


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