Incorrect buildTypeId and projectId for SRunningBuild

I am creating a notifier plugin which when a build is finished, it extracts some info about the build and sends it off to a webservice as json.

However, some of the information that I'm extracting seems to be incorrect or not the same as what teamcity webui reflects.

buildTypeId, for example, which I get by calling getBuildTypeId() on the SRunningBuild returns "bt3" - this is odd because my teamcity server says that particular configuration's buildTypeId is "WindowsApps_ConsoleApplication1" (from the url: http://localhost:8000/viewType.html?buildTypeId=WindowsApps_ConsoleApplication1). Substituing bt3 in the url does not work.

The other field is the project id which I get by calling getProjectId on the SRunningBuild param. This method returns "project1" - but my project ID is actually "WindowsApps". Oddly though, "project1" will redirect to "WindowsApps" if I substitute it in the url.

Here's a snippet from the json I'm trying to send out:

  "type": "FAILED",
  "buildId": 74,
  "buildNumber": "877718",
  "buildTypeId": "bt3",
  "buildName": "ConsoleApplication1",
  "buildFullName": "Windows Apps :: ConsoleApplication1",
  "buildDescription": "C# console application",
  "buildProjectId": "project1",
  "buildProjectName": "Windows Apps",
  "buildStartTime": "Sun Jan 10 18:03:21 PST 2016",
  "buildEndTime": null,

Is there a way to get the build type id and project id exactly as they appear on the teamcity server?

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The values you are getting are the internal ids, to get the user defined or external ids you need to use the getProjectExternalId and getBuildTypeExternalId methods.


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That did it. Thank you :)


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