TC Buildserver agent FTP times out



When our clients build a project and its send by FTP it worked last week, this week it stopped working. (no new Windows update have been installed on the system).

The FTP is set to active and when we try on the Agent PC to connect with Explore and FTP.exe we can connect with no problem.

If we turn off the firewall on the agent PC the FTP from Buildserver works.

What is that I am missing is there a program that needs outbound access to the firewall to work, we added the agent and msbuild to allow out going trafic, with no change.



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Hi Bjarne,


What you describe seems to be some system configuration which is not much specific to TeamCity.

If firewall on the machine blocks the connection, you should enable the connections in the firewall settings for the program which initiates it. I guess you should be able to use firewall logs to figure out what process that is.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide more guidance here as I do not know how your build is configured to use FTP.

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