Usage of ServerCommandsHandlersRegistry


I'm currently building a plugin that requires commands to be sent from Server to Agent. I am able to get this working with xml-rpc api, but recently came across ServerCommandsHandlersRegistry on the teamcity javadoc: 

It says that it has been in since 9.1, but I could not find the server side parts of this extension( not to mention the "TODO" comments on the javadoc ).

Could somebody point me in the right direction on how to utilize this, or is it just an incomplete implementation as it is now?




Since TeamCity 9.1 version Unidirectional Agent-to-Server Communication is supported. For more details please see the section:

If you want to use xml-rpc protocol you can use internal property teamcity.agent.communicationProtocols=xml-rpc.


The answer above is insufficient. The question is about the OpenAPI implementation and documentation, not the unidirectional vs bidirectional nature of agent/server communication.

Can this get revived? The documentation is still lacking.


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