Is there anyway to use /bin/bash for Command Line runner?

This is for TC 10.  Is there a way for the Command Line runner to use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh on Linux?  We have some build script that requires bash but the TC agent always call the script using /bin/sh (and ignoring #!)



Why do you need to use bin/bash? Do you have any problems because of /bin/sh? Could you use symbolic links to point /bin/sh to /bin/bash? 

We have the related request in our tracker, please describe your use case in comments and vote for it.





Also it's strange that #! is ignored. Does shebang work for other programs, e.g. python, ruby, etc.? Could you please provide an example of the build script, screenshot of the build runner settings and full build log? We will try to reproduce the issue. Thank you!


So how can you set it up properly to use bash? Switching sh to bash is not appropriate as sh might be required for other processes.


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