Publish build artifact checksums as hidden artifact.


I'm looking for a way to create a hidden artifact that contains a sha1 or md5 of each build artifact prior to being published. 

I think a plugin would be a pretty decent way to do this but i haven't found any examples of plugins that have similar features so i'm wondering if this is possible?  Jenkins already has a plugin named Fingerprint that does something similar.  What i'm proposing is perform the checksum and write the value and file name to a hidden artifact in .Teamcity/build.  From here we can use our tool of choice to compare these values to what exists on the servers and correct for SOX compliance.

Is there any plugins that do something similar or can someone set me on the path to creating my own?  

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Hello Jason,

(Copied from email support):

TeamCity does not provide artifacts checksums. You can add checksum calculation step to your build (which produces the artifact), publish the checksum files as yet more artifact files, then download the artifacts and checksum files and cross-check those.

We have the related request:, please vote for it.


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