Run builds from Visual Studio (not Personal Builds)



I want to know if there is a way to run builds from Visual Studio without the need to log in to the TeamCity via a browser? I know you can run personal builds (via the VS plugin), but that's not what we need as a business. Ideally there needs to be a run build from the plugin.

Is that possible? If not, what's the best way to do it (if any)? Can I raise an enhancement so this can be done in the near future?

I will be eagerly awaiting a response.

Thank you


Hello Zahir,

The only supported way to trigger TeamCity build from Visual Studio is using TamCity VS Addin plugin. After installing the plugin you'd need to log in to TeamCity server via ReSharper | TeamCity | Login...(not using browser). Will it work for you?

Also you can try TeamCity Command Line Remote Run tool to run Personal Builds from the command line.


Thank you for your reply.

I can run a 'Remote Run' (personal build) but not a build config I've set up in TeamCity.

I want the ability to run a build config set in TeamCity. Is this possible with the plugin through Visual Studio?


After selecting changes in VS addin plugin, it will display the build configurations whose sources were modified in the Visual Studio on your machine. You can select the configurations that you want to run with your changes. Only personal builds are supported.

If you want to trigger not personal builds not using TeamCity UI you can use REST API.
Could you please describe your use case? Why do you need this functionality?


We are trying to make the transition from publishing from with in Visual Studio to do the same with the TeamCity plug in, so trigger a build.

Would we need to right our own plugin to achieve this?



Yes, you would need to write a plugin if you want to trigger non-personal builds from Visual Studio.


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