Using artifact(s) from one buildagent in another


Anyone has done it?

I have Windows machine which produces certain binary and I would like another machine to take that binary and do something with it.

How do I do?

I was able to define artifact.

In the build job which uses the linux machine, I created the dependenties which include artifacts path, but I have no idea how to proceed from there.

I was assuming that the dropdown suggestion will least something related to artifact when I issue shell command to linux machine when I put % but so far did not see anything. Thanks.,!

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Let's consider an example, build configuration A produces artifacts, in build configuration B you need to download artifacts.

  1. Configure A to publish artifacts on General settings page > Artifact paths.
  2. Run one build A.
  3. Configure artifact dependency in B build configuration. You can use "files tree" icon right to the Artifacts rules field to select needed file.

When you start build B, it will download the artifact in the checkout directory.

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Thanks., when you said checkout directory, do you mean the location on build agent B's local folder?

How do I check the configuration B's checkout directory setting?

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Build Checkout directory is a directory on the agent machine where all of the sources of all builds are checked out into. It's configured on Version Control Settings page. The default Auto (recommended) value is strongly advised.

By default, this is the same directory as the Build Working directory.

You can find the checkout directory in the build log.


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