How to do cmd-private build and not pre-test commit?



I have a question about the cmd personal builder.

Looks like I have managed to get my workspace to ship the files to the TeamCity server and triggered a build. I can see the files being uploaded and the build running and so on.


In TeamCity it says it wil do a "pre-test commit". As I understand this will actually commit the files to the source control (using TFS) if it goes green. However this is not what I want.


I would like to commit to the source control my self.


I did not dear to run the personal build to complete on the server incase it actually commited it.

This is the command I'm running:

d:\Files\java -jar d:\tcc.jar run --host -m "Blablabla" -c MyIdString D:\Files\MyChangedFile.txt


How can I run this without pre-test commit using the cmd tool?



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Command line remote run tool does not commit changes to the VCS. The "run" command waits for the build to finish and returns the code corresponding to the status of the build. This exit code can be used to perform a commit.

For more details about "Pre-tested commit" term see the section:

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Excellect! Thank you! :-)



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