TC Upgrade with move to new server - Restore query.


I'm moving teamcity V9.0.3 installed on a Win 2008, to V10.0.1 on Win 2012. The V9 agents are on the same Win2008 box.

I need to keep the V9 environment fully intact (but off) until I have confirmed the V10 environment fully work when I will cut over to it.I am going to use the backup/restore path. However I note the restore option only offers only 2 options: backup to new external or internal database. Does this mean the restore process re-writes the database, & practically I will need a new database instance for the V10.

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Hello John,

Yes, you'll need to create new database for V10. It's not possible to use one database for two servers at the same time. Also if you move to the newer version, data in the database will be upgraded while restoring.


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