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Hi all,


I have noticed (and has been reported to me from staff) that email notifications are directing people to old builds.

E.G. They click a link to an artefact from build run #2 but they are directed to same artefact from build run #1.


I've made sure the emails send the link using ".lastsuccessful" and not a static build number, along with trying ctrl+f5 to force an update of cache in the browser. However, I can't seem to fix it! There are also worryingly few articles I could find online with this issue.


So, before the staff force me over to another CI solution, or I have to write a custom script to manage artefacts on external storage (making Team City near pointless) are there any suggestions you might have?


Example URL:

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Seems like I'll have to start looking at other CI solutions than Team City.. Only fix I can find is scripting to make up for this issue, which defeats the purpose of having a CI solution for me, altogether.

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By default only builds on default branch are considered. Do you use branches? 

To download artifact from the last successful in a specific branch, add the "?branch=<branch_name>" parameter at the end of the corresponding URL or use REST API request:

http://teamcity:8111/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/branch:(default:any),buildType:(id:<build conf id>)/artifacts/content/<artifact relative name>

Please let me know if it helps.


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