TC Upgrade with move to new server - safely.


I'm moving teamcity V9.0.3 installed on a Win 2008, to V10.0.1 on Win 2012. The V9 agents are on the same Win2008 box.

I wish to do this safely. I was going to first export then import configs into the V10 environment but note that when the V10 teamcity Agent service starts the referenced V9 agents will be automatically updated on the Win2008 server. I presume the refreshed agents, now V10 will not function with the V9 environment. I only want to cut across to V10 after I'm happy it’s ok. But up to that time, I don’t want the V9 touched. I acknowledge I will use the same database but I can back that up first.

Is there a way of doing all this safely, minimizing risks to the functioning V9 environment?

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Hello John,

You can install TeamCity v10 on new machine, then backup and restore data to a new one, then switch to a new machine.

Note that projects import works only for the same server versions, so please use backup/restore.

Please see the instructions on how to move TeamCity server here: Please pay attention to "Switching from one server to another" subsection.

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Thanks - Does that mean the V9 agents residing on the V9 machine wont automatically be updated when the V10 instance is started with restored data taken from the V9 instance. Or if they are updated, they will still work with the V9 instance ? I assume one or other must be true, or Ive misunderstood what an upgrade to an agent means.

The reason I want the V9 instance to keep working, is I a screw up the V10 deployment, I can still fall back to the V9.

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Agents will connect to the new server only when you update the serverUrl property in on each agent. After that agent will upgrade.

If you want to connect agents back to v9 version, then you can change the serverUrl property back, it will connect to the server and downgrade.


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