Cannot Install Windows Build Agent - it continually tries to upgrade

Every time I try to add a Windows 11 build agent to this server, the Windows build agent continuously tries to upgrade. 

TeamCity Server: TeamCity Professional 2023.11.2 (build 147486)
Running on Linux VM

On the server, I see this message:
• 1 agent tried to upgrade several times but failed

I have another agent running on macOS 14.2.1 (Apple Silicon, M2 Pro). That one is running fine.

I cannot add the build agent to Windows.
I have tried:
• System service (via the JDK-bundled exe installer)
• Zip installation using Oracle JDK 1.17
• Docker agent installation

All exhibit the same behavior. The agent starts, and then tries to download an upgrade. After unpacking the upgrade, when the agent restarts, it downloads the upgrade again. This continues until I stop the agent.


With the new version (2023.11.3 (build 147512)), it seems like it has fixed itself.


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