Starting Linux container under Linux is not supported.

I have a build that uses nodejs (a .Net / React project).

The requirement is "docker.server.osType=linux". So I used a linux development server (centos 7) and installed/parameterized docker (and the other required packages).

However, I get the message "Starting Linux container under Linux is not supported."

Why ask me to have a docker running under Linux, if docker Linux can't run a Linux image?

I don't get it. Is my configuration missing something?

Also, I had to manually add "docker.server.osType=linux" because I only had the docker.version property (1.13.1).

Thanks for your help.

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It seems to be some misconfiguration, as running Linux containers under Linux should not be something that causes errors.
It is also strange that you had to manually add "docker.server.osType=linux", it shouldn't be the case either if the Docker daemon was running when the build agent was started.

Could you please provide the following?
1. Please confirm the OS of the build agent. You mentioned CentOS 7, and this is to confirm that you meant that your build agent is running on it.
2. Node.js build step settings screenshot.
3. Provide the /teamcity-agent.log file covering the agent startup time.

You can upload the requested materials to and let us know the upload ID.

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