Visual Studio 2022

i try to compile a sln via and always get the Message that the licence from the Studio isnt valid, i should Repair it.

Starting: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\Common7\IDE\" C:\BuildAgent\work\40672be1b242546b\reloaded\android\test.sln /build in directory: C:\BuildAgent\work\40672be1b242546b

  Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Version 17.8.0.    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

    Ung�ltige Lizenzdaten. Reparieren Sie Visual Studio �ber die Systemsteuerung..


its an Android simple hello World App. If i try it to compile it directly via installed Studio, everything is fine.

Any Idea ?

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If possible, please try to run the build agent with admin privileges to check if permissions are the problem. The root cause of the problem seems to be related to corrupted permissions or ownership of specific registry keys. Specifically, the keys under need to be owned by the SYSTEM account, and administrators should have full access to these keys - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Licenses and subkeys.

Here are the general steps to configure the service to use an account with administrative rights. 

1. Open Services:
    • Open the "Services" application on the machine where TeamCity is installed.
    • You can do this by pressing Win + R, typing services.msc, and pressing Enter.
2. Locate TeamCity Build Agent Service:
    • Look for the TeamCity Build Agent service in the list of services. The name usually starts with "TeamCity Build Agent."
3. Configure Log On Information:
    • Right-click on the TeamCity Build Agent service and select "Properties."
    • Go to the "Log On" tab.
4. Set Log On Credentials:
    • Choose the option to "This account."
    • Enter the username and password for an administrator account on the machine.
    • Confirm the password.
5. Restart the Service:
    • After updating the logon credentials, click "OK" to apply the changes.
    • Restart the TeamCity Build Agent service for the changes to take effect.

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