Build Agent and .NET Frameworks


We have 10 Windows build agents.  One is Windows 2012R2 the rest are Windows 2016.
We have a large code base spanning many years of development and various .NET frameworks.

Only one of our build agents is configured in such a way that it is listed as a compatible target build agent for a specific Build Configuration of software targeting  .net 2.  The team is complaining because their builds get stuck in the queue waiting for other builds to complete on this one Build Agent.
QUESTION: Is the any reason we shouldn't simply install ALL .NET frameworks we reference in any code, new or legacy, on every build agent so that, any agent could run any job?

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Agent will try to detect every available version of .NET framework separately and store their paths as agent parameters. I do not see any downsides at installing extra versions of .NET framework on the agents to allow them to cover more builds. The only thing I would like to suggest is some kind of orchestration (say, Ansible) to allow to easier control the tools you have installed on the agent machines - but that, of course, is entirely up to you.

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