$locator usage


I am trying to get for each build type the lastest : finished failed, finished successed, running.


I've seen that this request one by one can do the job :



but, can't it be possible to do someting like :


using item dimension (even one) seems not working like a “normal” locator 


but as exemple doing that work but only for a BuildType





Thank you 

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Hi ,

I'm afraid it's not possible to request all parameters combined at the same time currently. Instead of retrieving builds based on buildType, we can split your request into three separate ones: one for failed builds, one for successful builds, and one for builds that are currently running. The approach achieves the same outcome with just three requests in total.


I also have submitted a feature request(Get for each build type the lastest builds: finished failed, finished successed, running with $locator in a request : TW-85166 (jetbrains.com) (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-85166/Get-for-each-build-type-the-lastest-builds-finished-failed-finished-successed-running-with-locator-in-a-request)) on your behalf. To ensure we capture your ideas effectively, we invite you to share any feature requests/bugs at Youtrack(https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/TW).

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