Build a specific branch on a specific agent?

Without duplicating build steps and setting up mutually exclusive restrictions, is there a way to direct work to a specific agent based on branch?

our release builds on the <main> branch need to be signed using an EV Authenticode Certificate, which of course is on an HSM (High Security Modeul) in the form of a USB dongle that only one machine can access.

Is there a way to do branch/agent filtering?  As mentioned, I'd hate to copy a build step because I just know that they will somehow get out of sync as one will be edited without thought of replicating the changes to the other build step. 

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Hi! Unfortunately, currently, there is no clean way to achieve this. As suggested in this thread, you can work around it by an additional build configuration that would only run builds in :

We also have a feature request to allow applying agent requirements conditionally: I added a comment about your use case.
Feel free to upvote the feature request to show that there is a demand for it and help the team prioritize it.

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