TeamCity - Cucumber 3 release of --retry (only counts failed version)

I am running my cucumber specs in parallel with the rake task parallel:features[,, --retry 1--no-strict-flaky ] 

On local environment cucumber will pass the flaky if it passed one of the retries however TeamCity does not do this.  It favors the failure over the passed one. 

Will TC be looking into making the build green if it passed one of the retries? 


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Starting from TeamCity 9.0, tests invocations are grouped by test name, though unfortunately if there's at least one failure test would be marked as failed. As result build could be marked as failed if related failure condition is enabled.

There's related issue in our tracker to replicate kind of 'mark successful if at least one invocation is successful', though it's not on our roadmap for upcoming release.

I'll also consult with RubyMine colleagues on how they treat such Cucumber invocations.

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