REST API Get test details by test name


I have a question about getting test details. If my test name contains comma or # symbols api returns The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

My query is:

http://tsbuild-app/guestAuth/app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=build:(id:xxxx),test:(name:<Test name with , or\and # symbols>)&fields=testOccurrence(test(xxxx))

I have tried to escape those symbols using powershell:

$encodedTeamcityTestName = [convert]::ToString($teamcityTestName).Replace( ',' , '%2с' );
$encodedTeamcityTestName = $encodedTeamcityTestName.Replace( '#' , '%23' )
$Url = "http://tsbuild-app/guestAuth/app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=build:(id:$BuildId),test:(name:$encodedTeamcityTestName)&fields=testOccurrence(test(id))"

This helped to get around the error, but did not return the result. How to build correct GET url?

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Hi, sorry for the delay.

If you have names with special characters, you need to follow the indications here:

Can you test whether that works for you?

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Hello. No answer?

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Thank you so much! :)


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