Auto Increment Plugin Access without increment

I am using the Auto Increment Plugin with great success, however I am missing one simple feature: Accessing the number without incrementing it.

I have 5 configuration. Let's look at three of those stages: Test, Merge, Deploy

The version numbers are:

* Test <Major>.<Minor>.<Autoinc>
* Merge <Major>.<Minor>.<Autoinc>
* Deploy <Major>.<Minor>.<Autoinc>


It would be awsome to have an accessor to the <Autoinc> value without incrementing it. This way I could set it up the way I'd like to have it:

* Test <Major>.<Minor>.<Autoinc.ID.NOINCREMENT>-<Autoinc.PreDeploy>
* Merge <Major>.<Minor>.<Autoinc.ID.NOINCREMENT>-<Autoinc.PreDeploy>
* Deploy <Major>.<Minor>.<Autoinc.ID>

This would lead to the following version:
* Test 0.1.0-1
* Merge 0.1.0-2
* Deploy 0.1.1

And after another run:
* Test 0.1.1-3
* Merge 0.1.1-4
* Deploy 0.1.2

What I and others likely really would like to have is that the "another run" would lead to:

* Test 0.1.1-1
* Merge 0.1.1-2
* Deploy 0.1.2

Is this possible with teamcity at the moment at all?

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If it's still actual, I suggest to open a feature request in our tracker. 

BTW, plugin is open source, and modifications should be done in this class:  ;)



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