AbstractIssueFetcher super constructor deprecated. What to use instead?

Hi there

I am in the process of updating an existing issue tracker plugin to support the latest version of TeamCity. I've noted that the 2017.1 version of the open API has marked the constructor on jetbrains.buildServer.AbstractIssueFetcher as deprecated (since 10.0)

Since the class itself and methods within it that use the private 'myCache' instance variable are not deprecated, it is not immediately clear what options I have for setting the cache which is used within the subclass of AbstractIssueFetcher that exists in my plugin.

Please could you advise what the alternative to using this constructor is so that my plugin will support future versions of Teamcity?


Ben Wainwright

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Ben, as for now, you can safely use AbstractIssueFetcher despite it being marked as deprecated. We were intending to refactor issue trackers API in 2017.1, however we realised that there is no way to do it in non-intrusive for plugin writers way.

Deprecated flag is there as a reminder that we are looking for a way to provide a better API in the future. If we indeed do refactor the API, we will provide the way to migrate the plugins

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