Scrolling within modal dialog (or what to do with really long dialogs)



Is there a way to have the contents of a modal dialog scroll if it doesn't entirely fit on the page?  For example, if I add too many settings to a settings dialog for a build feature plugin, content will go off the bottom of the screen, and the main window scroll bar isn't able to scroll to it.  When the main window scrollbar is moved, the dialog's position stays fixed.  The only way to access the settings at the bottom is to zoom out.

Wrapping all of the contents in something like the following in a build feature plugin's jsp resource:

<div style="overflow: auto">
  <l:settingsGroup title="...">
  <!--- Lots and lots of settings -->

does not seem to work.  When the page is rendered, the content of the settingsGroup is placed elsewhere in the DOM, outside of that div.

Full disclosure, I am developing against TeamCity 8, so perhaps this isn't an issue in later versions.


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Turns out that this is not an issue on later versions. The window appropriately scrolls along with really long configuration dialogs.


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