Getting Code Inspection Results.



I am currently working on migrating our Build environment over to TeamCity from Travis / SonarQube, which is finished except for one particular part.

SonarQube has a function that reports its results in Github with a review of the given PR. So when a PR Caused lets say 30 New issues and removed 16 it would highlight the new issues as a line comment and wrote a general comment on the PR like so:

This PR creates 30 new inspection issues. And clear 16.

Click here for overview.

This is not part of TeamCity reporting and i cannot seem to find a github plugin which does this kind of reporting back in githubs converstion system.

So i started writing my own, until i realised that their is not really a good way to get the Inspections. Is that correct or am i missing a way to get all the inspection results when a build finishes?


Greets Orion.




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Hi, did you find a solution? I have the same need to publish a GitHub pull request comment with the inspection / duplicates results I see on TeamCity.


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