Errors with UUID's on VCS Roots after upgrading from Team City 9 to 10


 After upgrading from Team City 9 to Team City 10, it complains about a couple of VCS roots having duplicate UUID's. These are marked as critical errors.  How can I fix this?

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These errors indicates that there are two xml files on disk and both of them have the same value for the uuid attribute. You can locate the first file by path shown in the error message, then you can locate the second file by searching for other xml files under <TeamCity data directory>/config/projects having the same uuid attribute value.

To fix this problem you can change the uuid - you can simply append some prefix to it. No server restart is required, server should detect the change and reload files automatically. After that errors should disappear. 

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Yes!  That worked ... thanks, you can consider this "case closed." ;-)


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